Fishing Tournament Weighmaster Training Program

Weighmasters are essential personnel at sportfishing tournaments. They weigh and measure the fish that are entered into the tournament and oversee the weigh-in process. With the large number of fishing tournaments that are held in Texas, there is a coast-wide and community need for well-trained, knowledgeable weighmasters in Texas.

Texas Sea Grant is pleased to offer a Weighmaster Training Program.

Dates: Wednesday, October 5 and Thursday, October 6, 2022, 6-8 pm CST (must attend both dates)

Cost: $75 (scholarships/discounts available for students, veterans, and those unable to pay the registration fee)

Register at:

Registration Deadline: September 21, 2022

Past Classes: May 23-24, 2022

This program will teach interested individuals how to serve as weighmasters. Course participants will learn:

  • The weighmaster’s role and responsibilities
  • How to weigh and measure fish
  • Fish identification
  • How to assess fish freshness
  • Equipment
  • Steps in the weigh-in process, including weigh station set-up
  • Code of conduct
  • And more!

Through a combination of presentations, video demonstrations, and a final exam, this program will provide participants with classroom knowledge and skills needed to assist at a weigh station at saltwater sportfishing tournaments. In addition to this classroom training, Sea Grant strongly recommends that participants gain hands-on experience by assisting a weighmaster at an event. After gaining this practical experience supporting real fishing tournaments, participants can choose to have their names added to a list of trained weighmasters on the Texas Sea Grant website. Tournament directors can then consult the list if they need a weighmaster to assist at their tournament.

What participants will get out of the course:

  • A Certificate of Completion at the end of the course stating that they completed the required training in the weighmaster’s role, fish identification, fish freshness, the weigh-in process, and other related topics
  • Training provided by AgriLife and Sea Grant extension agents and specialists who are experienced weighmasters
  • Their name added to the list of trained weighmasters on the Texas Sea Grant website, if desired
  • Supplies such as protective gloves and a tape measure to measure fish
  • A logbook that can be used to keep a record of each tournament that they assist at
  • Printed and electronic copies of Saltwater Fishes of Texas fish identification guide
  • Copies of all training presentations and video demonstrations

Participants will also:

  • Gain valuable leadership experience while serving their communities
  • Support Texas’ recreational fishing industry
  • Learn new skills, including how to use a scientific identification guide and how to tell if fish have been previously frozen or altered


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Alexis Sabine

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Alexis Sabine

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