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Texas Sea Grant is a unique partnership that unites the resources of the federal government, the State of Texas and universities across the state to create knowledge, tools, products and services that benefit the economy, the environment and the citizens of Texas.


Focus Areas


Healthy Coastal Ecosystems

Although they are the foundation of life along the Gulf Coast, keeping coastal ecosystems healthy is a challenge because of the diversity of stressors each system faces.


Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture

Texas Sea Grant works to ensure safe, secure, and sustainable supplies of domestic seafood and decrease our reliance on seafood imports.


Resilient Communities and Economies

To balance demands on coastal resources, Texas must develop innovative policies, institutional capacities, and management approaches that increase community resilience.


STEM Literacy and Workforce Development

Texas Sea Grant promotes literacy by supporting students and the development of STEM educational programs, tools, and products.

Homeowner's Handbook Available


The new Texas Homeowner's Handbook to Prepare for Coastal Natural Hazards is now available in print and online at

This handbook was created to help Texans prepare for natural hazards and help them reduce the risks to lives and property. Although it is never possible to eliminate all risk from a natural hazard, homeowners can take action and implement many small and cost-effective steps that could significantly lower their risk and exposure to those  hazards.

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Featured Program

The Community Resilience Collaborative is a research- and extension-based coastal planning program that combines the reach and resources of two Texas A&M University programs: the Texas Sea Grant College Program and Texas Target Communities. Learn More.



Knauss finalists are chosen through a competitive process that includes several rounds of review at both the state Sea Grant program and national levels. Howe-Kerr and Higgins are among 74 finalists across the United States nominated by their respective Sea Grant programs.


Matthew Kammann will work with the Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture team to lend support and expertise to the NOAA Better Bycatch Reduction Device project.


This scholarship is named in honor of Ralph Rayburn ’69, former Texas Sea Grant Associate Director and Extension Program Leader.


The Bush Library and Museum announces 50 Years of Science and Stewardship exhibit from Texas Sea Grant


Alexis Guidroz and Shadrach Villafranca will be mentored by TXSG professionals and gain valuable field experience through the new Texas Sea Grant Community Engaged Internship Program (TXSG-CEI).


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s Climate Prediction Center announced in their May 20, 2021 briefing that they are expecting another highly active hurricane season this year.