Monofilament Line

What is Monofilament Line?

Monofilament line is another name for single-strand, high-density nylon fishing line that is used on fishing reels.

Used line can be harmful to boat motors and marine wildlife. Birds and animals cannot see discarded monofilament fishing line, so it is easy for them to become tangled in it and starve, drown or lose a limb.

How to Dispose of Monofilament Line

Deposit your used line in the cardboard recycling boxes that can be found in some tackle shops, or deposit it in an outdoor monofilament recycling container. Texas Sea Grant’s Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program supports outdoor monofilament recycling bins.

KastKing shows how to properly dispose of monofilament line in recycling bins.


Until you can properly dispose of monofilament line, you can store it using a Monomaster.

How to use a Monomaster

How to Locate Monofilament Bins

Bins in Galveston County have been mapped by the Texas Master Naturalists.