For MRRP Volunteers

Volunteers are a crucial part of MRRP as they help with everything from collecting fishing line while out on the water, to volunteering at beach and river cleanup events, to setting up, monitoring and regularly emptying monofilament recycling bins.

If you want to help beyond collecting monofilament line while you are on your boat and properly disposing of your own used line, consider sponsoring an indoor or outdoor recycling bin. By sponsoring a bin, you agree to set it up, maintain it, send the line to the recycling company, PureFishing, on a regular basis, and report data on what you collected from the bin.

You can get started by filling out and sending in the Volunteer Agreement or by contacting John O’Connell, Texas Sea Grant Extension Agent, at 979-864-1558.

Instructions for Volunteers

  1. Please empty each bin at least once a month, or more often if needed.
  2. Remove any hooks, weights, or leaders from the line.
  3. Remove any vegetation or other debris from the line.
  4. Weigh line to the closest ounce (manual or electronic fish scales work well).
  5. Fill out and submit the completed data sheet.
  6. Place the clean line in a box for shipment to the recycling center.
  7. When you accumulate 3 – 5 pounds of line, or a full box, ship to:

PureFishing, Inc.
1900 18th St
Spirit Lake IA 51360-1041

Special Notes

Maintaining the bins on a regular basis is very important. Over-full bins pose a hazard.

Please take special care when unloading the bins because you may encounter hooks or other sharp objects. Wearing gloves is highly recommended.

If you are unable to maintain a bin you have established, please contact John O’Connell.

Report Line Collected

Volunteers, please use this form to report line collected. You will need a password to fill out the form. If you are a volunteer and do not have a password, please contact John O’Connell.

For More Information:

John O’Connell

Extension Agent

Brazoria County