iSeaTurtle: Discovering Sea Turtles in Matagorda Bay, TX

Matagorda Bay is a valued recreational and fishing location for many Texans and visitors, and it is also home to several species of endangered sea turtles. Sea turtles feed all around the Bay, and seem to prefer areas near or in seagrass and oyster beds, providing ample opportunities to be sighted from the boats.

The mobile app, iSeaTurtle, was created to encourage and involve citizens to contribute to sea turtle science. If you see a sea turtle you can send their location to us through the app. Reports of sea turtle sightings sent through the app will provide important data to scientists at Texas A&M University to map and understand the distribution of sea turtles in Matagorda Bay.

Learn more about the project at the Matagorda Bay Economic and Ecological Resources Report.

Map of Sea Turtle Sightings in Matagorda Bay, TX

How do I record a sea turtle sighting using iSeaTurtle?

iSeaTurtle has a friendly and easy-to-use user interface. You can download the app from the Google Play or iOS app stores directly to your mobile phone or tablet. 




Sending the location of a sea turtle you saw is easy using iSeaTurtle:

  1. When you see a sea turtle, open the app and click “Send Location” on the main page. This will open a map view.


  2. The app will automatically set the location to your current location. You can also move the map to refine the location where you saw the turtle. Once you are ready, click “Submit” and within a few minutes the location will be automatically uploaded on our webmap.


You can also save the location to send later (for example, if you have no phone signal), by clicking on “Save For Later." You can then locate the saved location on the main page by clicking the “Drafts” button.

Funding and Collaborators

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Pam Plotkin

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Dr. Pamela Plotkin


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Dr. Natalie Wildermann

Dr. Natalie Wildermann

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