Bathymetry Maps

Outer Continental Slope

(T. L. Holcombe, W. J. Renteria, and W. R. Bryant)

This 36″x48″ map covers the entire northwestern Gulf of Mexico, stretching across the Continental Shelf, Continental Slope, Mississippi Deep-sea Fan, and Ocean Basin. The contour interval is 2 meters on the Continental Shelf, 10 meters across the Shelf-Slope Break, and 40 meters across the Continental Slope and Ocean Basin. Sources are the entire array of NOAA hydrographic surveys and multibeam surveys, recent multibeam surveys of banks and other features of limited areal extent, and additional trackline data from random sources. Most of the underlying data are available from the NOAA Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).  

DeSoto Canyon Area

Mississippi Delta Area

Mississippi Fan Area

Main Area Northeast

Main Area Northwest

Main Area Southeast

Main Area Southwest

Upper Continental Slope Off East Texas

Upper Continental Slope Off South Texas

Area Northeast of Bright Bank

Area South of Bright Bank

Area South of Geyer Bank

Maps of Outer Shelf Banks

(T. L. Holcombe, W. R. Bryant, and S. W. Bednarz)

This 37″ x 75″ map integrates the bathymetry of the Continental Shelf of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico, seamlessly with topographical maps of the coast, from Brownsville at the southern tip of Texas to the mouth of the Mississippi River in eastern Louisiana. Sources of bathymetry are some 3.5 million soundings from 291 historic NOAA hydrographic surveys conducted between 1930 and 2003. The underlying bathymetric sounding data are archived and made available by the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). 

Stetson Bank

Claypile Bank – Northern Half

Bright, Rankin, and 28 Fathom Banks

MacNeil and 29 Fathom Banks

Geyer Bank

Flower Garden Banks

West Flower Garden Bank

East Flower Garden Bank

Sonnier Bank

Parker and Flying Dutchman Banks

Alderdice Bank

Diaphus Bank

Jakkula Bank

Bouma, Bryant, McGrail, Rezak, and Sidner Banks

Maps of Bathymetry and Land Topography, Texas-Louisiana Coastal Region

(T.L. Holcombe, C.A. Arias, and W.R. Bryant)

This 37″ x 75″ map contains bathymetry of 26 separate outer-shelf banks, 25 at a 1-meter contour interval and one at a 1/2-meter contour interval. All are indexed to a large bathymetric map of the Continental Shelf. Sources of bathymetry are multibeam surveys conducted by USGS, NOAA and HRI in 1998-2006. Individual maps of the banks are available at the link to the left.

Bathymetry and Land Topography

Brownsville Area

Corpus Christi Area

Rockport Area

Port Lavaca Area

Freeport Area

Houston Area

Galveston Area

Port Arthur Area

Abbeville Area

Morgan City Area

New Orleans Area

Chalmette Area

Bathymetry of Banks and Other Areas

Aransas Bank Area

Stetson Bank Area

MacNeil Bank Area

Bouma Bank Area

Ewing Bank Area

Ship Shoal Area

Southwest Pass Area

Maps of South Texas Banks

(T.L. Holcombe, N.C. Slowey, and L.H. Holcombe; and J.W. Tunnell, Jr., H.L. Nash, and T.C. Shirley)

This 37″ X 35″ map contains bathymetry of 15 banks on the South Texas Continental Shelf, all having a contour interval of one meter. All are indexed to a large bathymetric map of the South Texas Continental Shelf. Bathymetric data were collected in 2012 by the Schmidt Oceanographic Institute, Palo Alto, CA, and made available by the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. 

9 Fathom Bank

Aransas Bank

Baker Bank

Big Adam Bank

Blackfish Bank

Dream Bank

Harte Bank

Hospital Rock Bank

Mysterious Banks

North Hospital Bank

Seabree Bank

Small Adam Bank

South Baker Bank

Southern Bank

Steamer Bank