Mario Marquez

Aquaculture Specialist



Marquez comes to Texas Sea Grant with extensive experience in aquaculture and oyster fisheries. He is currently obtaining his PhD in environmental sciences, focusing on the ecosystem benefits of oyster aquaculture in Oyster Bay, FL. He was also a founder and CEO of The Oyster Company, LLC., an oyster farm in Northern Florida. 

Marquez is a fellow with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Environmental Cooperative Science Center. He also serves as an advisory board member for Sea Turtle Inc. and Fishing’s Future.

The recent legalization of oyster aquaculture in Texas brings opportunities to support of this emerging industry. To meet these new needs, Texas Sea Grant has hired Mario Marquez as the program’s new aquaculture specialist. He joins the extensive Texas Sea Grant extension team, which provides practical and science-based support to the Texas coast.

Marquez is based in Palacios, TX, and he aids in the expansion and development of the oyster aquaculture industry. He coordinates with public and private stakeholders to facilitate economical and sustainable oyster aquaculture. This assistance to the oyster aquaculture industry includes planning and program evaluation; assisting the integration of oyster hatcheries, seed production, and oyster farm operations; and educating and guiding stakeholders.