Journal Article on Fishing Quota Leases Yields Prize

September 30, 2015

Andrew Ropicki

Texas Sea Grant marine economist, Andrew Ropicki, has received the 10th annual award for Outstanding Article by the journal Marine Resource Economics.

The winning article, “Social Network Analysis of Price Dispersion in Fishing Quota Lease Markets,” co-written with Sherry L. Larkin, presents research on how price differences occur in non-centralized quota lease markets due to informational asymmetries among market participants. Ropicki and Larkin analyzed trading in IFQ (Individual Fishing Quota) markets using social network analysis. The results indicated that quota traders with more network connections were able to negotiate better prices in the IFQ market; and, more generally, that quota prices varied regionally. For more information, the full article can be accessed through the BioOne database.  

Ropicki and Larkin will be honored with a permanent, engraved plaque housed in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.