Texas Shorelines: Safe Boating Starts with You!

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — As the weather warms up and the waters calm down going into the start of summer, many boat owners are likely starting to brush off their boat covers and getting ready for another active boating season here in Texas. However, with great boating opportunities come great boating responsibilities – be sure…

Texas Shorelines: Let’s Go Fishing Y’all! Your Guide to Saltwater Fishing Tournaments in Texas

Summer is right around the corner, and while this season is often associated with beaches, sun, and warmer weather, it also means the ramping up of saltwater fishing tournaments in Texas.

Texas Shorelines: Spring Migration Is Here!

While you may think you have to travel to distant countries and remote habitats to see wildlife in action, all you really need to do is look out your window. The vast and vibrant world of birds can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Texas Shorelines: Lions and Tigers in the Gulf? Invasive Species Pose a Threat to Native Ecosystems 

Invasive species infiltrate ecosystems other than those where they naturally belong. They can have devastating impacts on both native species and the environment. 

Texas Shorelines: Know How to Escape the Grip of the Rip 

Now that it’s spring and warmer weather is on the way, you may be planning a trip to the beach. Before you go, there are a few things you need to know about staying safe from rip currents.  

Texas Shorelines: Marsh Madness—Here’s the Play-by-Play on Coastal Marshes

Much of Texas’ iconic seafood and attractive recreational opportunities can be attributed to the hundreds of miles of coastal marshes lining the state.

Texas Sea Grant Welcomes New Extension Agent for Aransas County

Marine Extension Agent Pat Cruz joins Texas Sea Grant’s award-winning extension team.

Texas Shorelines: Feeling Blue About Seafood? Consider the Crab.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — When it comes to crabs, Texas isn’t the first state that comes to mind. However, the Texas commercial crabbing industry landed over 3 million pounds of blue crab in 2021, and recreational crabbing is considered a staple in many Texas coastal communities. So, if you’re looking to include more crab in…

Texas Shorelines: When it Rains, it Floods — Make Sure You’re Prepared

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Insurance provides protection against all kinds of worst-case scenarios, like fires and car accidents. It can be difficult to predict when these events may occur, but understanding risk factors can help inform choices about coverage. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey showered Harris County with over 1 trillion gallons of water, flooding over…

Texas Sea Grant Selected for Strengthening Resilient Coastal Communities Funding Competition

Coastal Resilience Program Director Dr. Debalina Sengupta and her co-investigators received nearly $500K to improve resilience for coastal communities.

Calhoun County Marine Agent Receives Funds for Watershed Education

RJ Shelly and his Co-investigators received Over $25 thousand from the Matagorda Bay Mitigation Trust for public educa

Texas Shorelines: Oysters Are the Superheroes of the Sea!

College Station, Texas — Oysters are often referred to as the superheroes of the sea, and for good reason. Besides being widely loved as delicious seafood, oysters provide many environmental benefits along the Texas coast. Oysters are considered a keystone species, meaning they are important players in the overall health of the ecosystems they inhabit….

Aglantis Aquarium Finds New Home at Texas A&M University at Galveston

The 300-gallon saltwater aquarium was previously located at Texas A&M’s Memorial Student Center.

Disaster Resilience Workshop, Plenary Discussion to Include City of Bryan Mayor and U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development

This DIRE-FEWS workshop is slated for Aug. 17, and is sponsored by Texas Sea Grant and Texas Engineering Experimentation Station.

Anglers Invited to Provide Critical Input on How Offshore Energy Affects Recreational Angling

Results of the citizen science data will help determine the fate of oil rigs in the Gulf.

Three 2023 Finalists Selected for the John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Program

These Knauss finalists are among 86 finalists across the United States nominated by their respective Sea Grant programs.

Texas Sea Grant to Fund Nearly $20 Thousand to 10 Graduate Students

Texas Sea Grant’s Grants-In-Aid of Graduate Research Program provides grants to students conducting marine or coastal research

New Community Engaged Intern Joins Texas Sea Grant

Peter Gibson will be mentored and gain valuable field experience through the Texas Sea Grant Community Engaged Internship Program.

A First in Modern Times: Turtles Hatch on Magnolia Beach

MAGNOLIA BEACH, Calhoun County, Texas – A conservation success hatched today  on the shores of the Magnolia Beach in Calhoun County, Texas. A sea turtle nest containing approximately 45 hatching Kemp’s ridley eggs was discovered, and turtles successfully made their way to the water.  “This has never happened in modern times,” said Dr. Pamela Plotkin,…

Texas Sea Grant Welcomes New Coastal Resilience Program Manager

Dr. Debalina Sengupta will lend her expertise to extension activities associated with the Resilient Communities and Economies.

Texas Sea Grant Receives Two Awards at Its 50th Anniversary Gala

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and U.S. Congressman Michael T. McCaul presented awards to Texas Sea Grant.

NOAA Predicts Another Year of Above-Normal Activity for 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center are predicting above-average hurricane activity this year, giving 2022 the seventh consecutive above-average hurricane season.

Texas Sea Grant Revitalizes Weighmaster Training Program

The program will train Texans interested in becoming weighmasters at sportfishing tournaments.

Knauss Marine Policy Finalists Receive Official Host Office Placements

Executive and Legislative Host Office placements mark the beginning of the Knauss fellowship for Lauren Howe-Kerr and Ed Higgins