Coastal Resilience and Adaptation Conference – Call for Abstracts

The deadline for abstract submission is May 15th, 2024.  For more information, updates, and abstract submission, please visit

Texas Sea Grant Welcomes New Student Technician For Resilient Communities and Economies

Harvey Houltby joins Texas Sea Grant as the Resilient Communities and Economies Intern.

Texas Sea Grant Welcomes New Extension Agent For Galveston County

Brandi Keller joins Texas Sea Grant as Galveston County’s Newest Agent.

Texas Sea Grant Welcomes New Communications Specialist for Corpus Christi

Nicolas Perez joins Texas Sea Grant as new Corpus Christi-based Communications Specialist.

Texas Sea Grant Recommends Funding $2.1 Million for Six New Research Grants Pending Final Approval from NOAA

These two-year grants support research that can positively impact Texas and its citizens.

Collaboration Establishes Rett Reef, New Oyster Haven in Galveston Bay

Texas Gets First Oyster Restoration Reef by Private Industry Member Through Partnership Between Pier 6 Seafood & Oyster House, San Leon Oyster Fest, Prestige Oysters, The Nature Conservancy in Texas and Texas Sea Grant.

Three 2024 Finalists Selected for the John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Program

Robert Laroche, Eliza Mills, and Marissa Palmer join 84 early-career professionals across the United States as 2024 finalists for the John A Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Program

Texas Shorelines: Get in the Know About Vibrio 

If you live or visit anywhere along the coastline, you’ve likely seen headlines warning of increased cases of Texas beachgoers encountering vibrio this summer. This bacteria is known as Vibrio vulnificus and it exists naturally in marine and estuarine environments throughout the world, including the warm coastal waters of Texas and some inland brackish lakes…

Texas Shorelines: Stay Prepared Throughout Hurricane Season!

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1st to November 30th every year, and the 2023 season was predicted to be less active than previous years, there is still significant activity in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico this year that those living in coastal areas should continue to monitor.

Texas Sea Grant Welcomes New Extension Agent for Matagorda County

Amy Nowlin joins Texas Sea Grant as Matagorda County’s Newest Coastal and Marine Resources Agent.

Texas Sea Grant Assists with New Water Level Sensors Installed in Calhoun County 

Data collected from this sensor will be used by researchers at the Conrad Blucher Institute for Surveying and Science to build an AI predictive model for Ocean Drive flooding in high tide conditions.

Texas Shorelines: Selecting the Right Bait

It is commonly said “to fool a fish, one must fool its senses,” but that is often easier said than done. Fish use a variety of their senses to detect and eat prey, and it takes more than looks to get hooked. Selecting the right bait can be a critical element of saltwater fishing. Also,…

Texas Shorelines: Shark Week! Celebrating the Fins, The Myths, The Legends

Every July, people all over the United States gather to celebrate what is considered by many to be the biggest holiday of the year. That’s right, we’re talking about Shark Week!  Sharks can be found in every ocean and some species can even be found in freshwater environments. Habitats for sharks are incredibly varied: some…

Texas Shorelines: Plastic Isn’t Fantastic

July is rife with reasons and opportunities to celebrate. The combination of warm weather, summer vacations and major holidays predictably leads to weekend barbecues, cookouts and parties.  But when it comes time to decide who’s bringing the burgers, chips and deserts, consider calling dibs on the plates and cutlery—it might be the perfect way to participate in Plastic Free July.

Texas Shorelines: World Sea Turtle Day: Herp-Herp-Hooray!

World Sea Turtle Day provides an opportunity to learn about all seven species of sea turtles and about the various conservation efforts ongoing worldwide to protect them.

Incoming Community Engaged Interns to Join Texas Sea Grant

Four Texas A&M undergraduate students will be paired up with Texas Sea Grant staff to gain valuable field experience over the summer.

Texas Shorelines: Safe Boating Starts with You!

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — As the weather warms up and the waters calm down going into the start of summer, many boat owners are likely starting to brush off their boat covers and getting ready for another active boating season here in Texas. However, with great boating opportunities come great boating responsibilities – be sure…

Texas Shorelines: Let’s Go Fishing Y’all! Your Guide to Saltwater Fishing Tournaments in Texas

Summer is right around the corner, and while this season is often associated with beaches, sun, and warmer weather, it also means the ramping up of saltwater fishing tournaments in Texas.

Texas Shorelines: Spring Migration Is Here!

While you may think you have to travel to distant countries and remote habitats to see wildlife in action, all you really need to do is look out your window. The vast and vibrant world of birds can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Texas Shorelines: Lions and Tigers in the Gulf? Invasive Species Pose a Threat to Native Ecosystems 

Invasive species infiltrate ecosystems other than those where they naturally belong. They can have devastating impacts on both native species and the environment. 

Texas Shorelines: Know How to Escape the Grip of the Rip 

Now that it’s spring and warmer weather is on the way, you may be planning a trip to the beach. Before you go, there are a few things you need to know about staying safe from rip currents.  

Texas Shorelines: Marsh Madness—Here’s the Play-by-Play on Coastal Marshes

Much of Texas’ iconic seafood and attractive recreational opportunities can be attributed to the hundreds of miles of coastal marshes lining the state.

Texas Sea Grant Welcomes New Extension Agent for Aransas County

Marine Extension Agent Pat Cruz joins Texas Sea Grant’s award-winning extension team.

Texas Shorelines: Feeling Blue About Seafood? Consider the Crab.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — When it comes to crabs, Texas isn’t the first state that comes to mind. However, the Texas commercial crabbing industry landed over 3 million pounds of blue crab in 2021, and recreational crabbing is considered a staple in many Texas coastal communities. So, if you’re looking to include more crab in…