What We Do

What does the CRC do for the Texas coast?

  • Facilitates and leads project management of planning processes including comprehensive planning, hazard mitigation planning and environmental planning.
  • Facilitates community and stakeholder engagement in planning processes.
  • Provides technical assistance and transfers and translates planning data and tools to support decision making.
  • Educates and trains community elected and appointed officials and staff on planning resources, tools and best practices.
  • Conducts applied research on social vulnerability, coastal planning, risk perception, hazard mitigation, ecosystem services and the economic impacts of coastal hazards.
  • Facilitates multi-jurisdictional watershed planning to protect water quality and quantity and to mitigate stormwater runoff.
  • Supports research and fills information gaps in the current understanding of ecosystem management best practices.
  •  Provides service/transformational learning opportunities for university students – the next generation of coastal stakeholders and leaders.