Collision Prevention

How to Navigate Your Boat Around Sea Turtles Safely:

  • Stay a canoe-length distance away (~15ft) when in a boat
  • Appoint a sea turtle spotter as a look-out
  • Wear polarized sunglasses to help you see turtles better
  • Slow down, and avoid sudden changes in speed and/or direction
  • Follow all posted speed limits and all designated buoys
  • Ease off the throttle until you reach deeper water
  • Avoid areas close to where turtles gather, like seagrass beds
  • Do not disturb seagrass with propellers or anchors
  • Do not disturb coral reefs, and slow down when passing
  • Do not approach turtles when other boats are already near them
  • Do not pursue, encircle, or trap sea turtles
  • Stay alert and avoid collisions
  • If a collision occurs:
    • Step 1: Call the sea turtle hotline 1-866-TURTLE-5 (1-866-887-8535)
    • Step 2: Provide your contact information and location as well as the turtle’s size and condition
    • Step 3: Stay with the turtle and wait for instructions
  • If you encounter a sea turtle:
    • Use no-wake speed, put the engine in neutral, and let the turtle pass
    • Never approach head-on, move around sea turtles and DO NOT expect them to swim out of the way!
    • If you must move, move slowly from behind the turtle
    • Ensure the turtle is safely away before engaging the propeller, and move away slowly


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