Share the Shore, Y’all

Share the Shore, Y’all is a program for anglers that provides information on how to share our natural resources with sea turtles and prevent sea turtle injuries and fatalities.

General Guidelines for Reducing Interactions between Sea Turtles and Anglers

YOU Can Help Protect Sea Turtles by Following these Guidelines:

  • Do not touch or feed bait, fish, chum, or any other items to sea turtles
  • Do not capture or bring onto boats/land
  • Keep a canoe-length distance away and do not disturb if they are eating, floating, resting, or sleeping
  • Move away at the first sign of disturbance
  • Limit observation time to less than 30 minutes
  • Dispose of all trash and monofilament fishing line in proper bins
  • Keep pets leashed and away
  • Report sightings on the iSeaTurtle app at

Report a Sea Turtle Encounter

Call to report sea turtles in need of rescue in Texas


Report turtle encounters online

Learn More About:

Monofilament Line

Learn how to dispose of monofilament fishing line and the Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program.

Hook Prevention

Learn how to prevent accidentally hooking sea turtles.

Collision Prevention

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