Online Tools and Resources

Homeowner's Handbook to Prepare for Natural Disasters


Coastal Atlas - spatial decision support systems that allow users to identify and visualize critical issues related to numerous dimensions of development. 


Post-Disater Recovery Briefing Papers - a series of PDF documents that are useful tools for communicating Post-Disaster Recovery strategies, concerns, and concepts to the general public and government officials.


Beyond the Basics - a website to guide communities through the process of developing or updating a local hazard mitigation plan


The Disaster Recovery Tracking Tool - a web-based tool to aid local government stakeholders and other end users in tracking the progress and quality of post-disaster recovery. 


The Costal Resilience Index (CRI) - a tool communities can use to examine how prepared they are for storms and storm recovery.


The Fisheries Resilience Index (FRI) - a self-assessment tool developed for fishery industry leaders and businesses.


The Tourism Resilience Index (TRI) - a self-assessment tool developed for tourism industry leaders and businesses.


The Ports Resilience Index (PRI) is a self-assessment tool developed for Port and marine industry leaders.


The Community Planning and Capacity Building (CRPB) - part of FEMA's National Disaster Recovery Framework and serves to improve the recovery planning of local governments and leaders. 


"Flooding Events Post Hurricane Harvey" - a report from the Natural Resources Systems Program at Texas A&M School of Law that reviews "current dam and reservoir operations in Texas.


Planning Information Exchange Webinar - hosted by the Association of State Floodplain Managers and the American Planning Association, focused on the Plan Integration for the Resilience Scorecard.


Guidebook for Plan Integration Scorecard - addresses concerns of inconsistent plans in communities overwhelmed by the overabundance of material. - resource  explore all Texas shores and find your perfect beach


Digital Coast - NOAA-sponsored website focused on helping communities address coastal issues