Branding Guidelines

Consistent branding is critical to an organization's ability to compete for public attention. It reduces confusion about who we are and what we do. The need for a unifying graphic image is especially critical for organizations, such as Texas Sea Grant, that has many diverse components. A shared graphic identity effectively communicates the character of Texas Sea Grant as a multifaceted, but unified, program.

This webpage is designed to provide staff members with an easy reference guide to the effective use of our brand. Using this guide can help Texas Sea Grant present a consistent program identity to its internal (such as researchers or Advisory Committee members) and external (stakeholders and legislators) audiences.

These logos and templates are for official Texas Sea Grant use only. If you have any questions about when it is appropriate to use the Texas Sea Grant logo or templates, please contact the communications team at or at 979-845-3854.

Texas Sea Grant Style Guide

Download Style Guide

Texas Sea Grant publications use this style guide as a reference for spelling and grammar, to ensure our communications appear consistant and professional.


For items not addressed in this style guide, see Texas A&M AgriLife Communications and the Texas A&M Brand Guide.


Download logos

The role of the logo is to identify Texas Sea Grant-supported publications, presentations (PowerPoints or videos), and people (such as clothing, office signs, or name badges). The communications team approves publication and non-publication uses of the logo.

  • Use EPS for printers, including for cups, pens or other branded items.
  • PNG is for online use (websites, email signatures, etc.)

  • Use the blue or black on light backgrounds, and use the white on dark backgrounds.

  • If something is being printed in B&W, don’t use the blue logo – it will print as gray in the final product; use the black or white instead.

  • Do not use the logo in a size smaller than ¾-inch wide (for print use) or 150 pixels wide (for web/screen use). There is no limit to how large the logo can be, but if you need to use it at a very large size (such as for a table banner or backdrop), be sure to use the EPS version; the PNG will reproduce poorly at large sizes.

  • Include a buffer of at least ¼ inch of space around the edges of the logo when used on a document; include more space for larger uses.

  • Do not stretch or distort the logo! When you are resizing it, make sure that the proportions are maintained. This usually can be accomplished by holding down the Shift key as you drag a corner of the logo.

  • Do not use different colors, change the fonts, or add to or remove any part of the logo.

  • The Texas Sea Grant logo with the words “At Texas A&M University” at the bottom is the current logo. Do not use any of the earlier versions of the program logo.

Some Texas Sea Grant programs (Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program, Community Resilience Collaborative, etc.) have their own logos. When using these, please try to also include the Texas Sea Grant logo when practical, either paired with the program logo or on another part of the document, to increase the visibility of Texas Sea Grant.

Sometimes it is appropriate to pair the Texas Sea Grant logo with the logo(s) of one or more of our partners, such as Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, TAMU and/or NOAA. This varies depending on the use.

Letterhead Templates

Download Letterhead Templates

Texas Sea Grant has two letterhead templates, one designed for single-page documents (containing the header and footer) and another for multi-page documents (with the heading on the first page and the footer on the second and all subsequent pages).

Use these for Texas Sea Grant-related memos, letters, and other documents. You can change the address at the bottom to your office by double clicking on the footer.

Email Signatures

Email signatures should be simple and professional. We strongly recommend the following formats (or similar) for extension agents:

<Name of County> County Extension Agent - Coastal & Marine Resources
Texas Sea Grant College Program │ Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX  Fax: XXX-XXX-XXXX (or cellular if appropriate)│ Email address
Physical or mailing address
URL for county’s AgriLife page │

And for other professional staff:

Texas Sea Grant College Program
Physical and/or mailing address
Cell: XXX-XXX-XXXX (if applicable)
Fax: XXX-XXX-XXXX (if applicable)
Email address

Flyer Template

Event Flyer Templates

Download Flyer InDesign Template

Download Flyer Microsoft Word Template

Texas Sea Grant has an event flyer template available in InDesign and Microsoft Word for events. If you would like help with creating a flyer, contact the Texas Sea Grant Communitcations Office.

PowerPoint Template

Download PowerPoint Template

Texas Sea Grant has a PowerPoint template available. The default slides when opening the PowerPoint are blue, but slides with a white background are available by selecting “New Slide” at the top.

Virtual Background for Zoom & Mircorsoft Teams

Download Virtual Backgrounds

Texas Sea Grant has six different virtual backgrounds available for Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Social Media Profile Graphics

Download Facebook Graphics

Texas Sea Grant has social media profile and cover graphics for our county extension agents' pages.

Short links and QR Codes

Many Texas Sea Grant webpages (and pages linked by Texas Sea Grant) have short links and QR codes. These allow links to be more readable and memorable, which is especially useful for print publications. An added benefit of short links and QR codes is that they can be updated if a link changes.


Media Relations

Please refer media requests to Sara Carney,, (979)458-8442.

More information on media relations and interacting with media.