Investigation of short-term fluctuation in shrimp abundance in the Gulf of Mexico

2012-2014 - $152,000

Masami Fujiwara
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, 2258 TAMU
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 77843-2258


In the proposed project, the PI will investigate the population dynamics of shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico, create a distance education course in marine fisheries, and produce a series of short video lectures for outreach purposes. The main focuses of the scientific research are (1) to analyze the shrimp data from the NOAA SEAMAP Cruises and other data collected by state agencies using various methods of multivariate statistical analysis with which the PI has extensive prior experience; and (2) to develop stage-structured density- and environment-dependent population models for investigating shrimp population dynamics. The main aim of the study is to take short-term information and extract information on the long-term sustainability of fisheries. In addition to this scientific research, the PI will take the material in the marine fishery courses currently being taught at Texas A&M University, and modify it for a distance course. The new distance course will provide an opportunity for students who cannot otherwise study marine fisheries to do so. Finally, the PI will create a series of short video lectures for outreach purposes. These videos will be targeted toward educating the general public on the basic concepts behind sustainable marine fisheries and encouraging students to study marine fisheries.