Cleaning Up Safely

The following resources focus on safe and healthy cleanup procedures after a disaster:

HUD: Rebuild Healthy Homes: Guide to Post-disaster Restoration for a Safe and Healthy Home (PDF)

HUD: Rebuild Healthy Homes (mobile app)

HUD: Post-Disaster Healthy Housing Resources

HUD: Homeowner's and Renter's Guide to Mold Cleanup After Disasters (PDF; also in Spanish)

HUD: Consumer Tips for Post-Disaster Home Restoration (PDF)

Re-entering Your Flooded Home and Cleaning Your Flooded Home (video series)

After the Flood: Basic House Cleanup (YouTube video series)

Using a Moisture Meter Before Rebuilding (YouTube video)

Mold Removal Guidelines for Your Flooded Home

Decontaminating Flooded Wells (PDF; also in Spanish)

Disinfecting Water Wells by Shock Chlorination (also in Spanish)

Disinfecting Water after a Disaster (PDF; also in Spanish)

Flooded Home: Electrical Issues (video) Keep Your Family Safe During A Flood (also in Spanish)

Texas Offers Services for Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Returning Home After a Disaster: Be Healthy and Safe

Texas Department of Health and Human Services

Texas Urges Health Precautions for Residents Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Salvage Family Treasures and Important Documents After Flooding

Livestock and Poultry Buildings After the Flood

Carbon Monoxide and Generators

Flood Cleanup Information (download PDFs and wmv files accessible for hearing or visually impaired)

Public Health Emergency

Keep Food and Water Safe After a Disaster or Emergency

Personal Hygiene and Handwashing After a Disaster or Emergency

Making Water Safe in an Emergency

Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency

Meal Preparation and Food Safety After a Power Failure

OSHA Fact Sheet on Natural Disaster Recovery: Cleanup Hazard

Dealing with Debris and Damaged Buildings

FEMA: Utility Shut-Off Information (scroll down)

FEMA Fact Sheet: Debris Removal and Demolition (PDF)

FEMA Fact Sheet: After the Flood: Advice for Salvaging Damaged Family Treasures (PDF) (also in Spanish and Vietnamese)

FEMA Fact Sheet: Salvaging Water-Damaged Family Valuables and Heirlooms (PDF)

FEMA Fact Sheet: Elevating Your Flood Damaged Home to Avoid Future Damage

Salvaging Important Papers, Books, and Photos (PDF)

Mosquitoes and Hurricanes

Hurricanes: After the Storm - Returning Home

Hurricanes: Mold - Safe Clean Up

Hurricanes: Destroyed Items - Disposing Properly

Hurricanes: Flood Damage - Cleaning Up

Displaced Wildlife Show Up as Harvey Flood Waters Recede

Keeping Food and Water Safe Before, During and After a Disaster (PDF)

Texas A&M Scientist: Floodwater Tested from Hurricane Harvey Shows Dangerous Levels of Contaminants

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works: Emergency Response and Salvage (mobile app)