Loggerhead Challenge

The Loggerhead Challenge is the southern Texas regional competition of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB). Students demonstrate their knowledge of marine and coastal science by answering questions from biology, physics, chemistry, geology, geography, mathematics and the social sciences. Each team consists of four students and their coach, and may include a fifth student to serve as an alternate.

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl competition is intended to increase knowledge of the oceans on the part of high school students, their teachers and parents, and to raise the visibility and public understanding of the national investment in ocean-related research. It is managed by the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, a nonprofit organization representing 94 of the leading public and private ocean research and education institutions, aquaria and industry with the mission to advance research, education and sound ocean policy. 

The Regional Coordinator for the Loggerhead Challenge is Dr. Terrie Looney. For questions about the competition, contact her by email at tslooney@ag.tamu.edu or by phone at 409-835-8461.

Congratulations to Brandeis High School of San Antonio, winners of the 2016 Loggerhead Challenge!