Take the #SmartSeafoodie Pledge

Take the Pledge to be a #SmartSeafoodie

As a consumer, your decisions have a big impact. By purchasing local, sustainable seafood, you support families and communities along the Gulf Coast which continue a way of life that goes back generations.

I pledge to: 

  • Include seafood in my diet at least twice a week (recommended by USDA HHS Dietary Guidelines)
  • Purchase locally caught seafood whenever possible
  • Ask where my seafood comes from and how it was caught or check the label on the package
  • Support resturants that serve locally caught seafood
  • Share the importance of sustainable seafood with family and friends

Proud Pledges:

Kimber De Salvo
Sara Carney
Nikki Fitzgerald
Laura Pcariello
Meghen Tuttle
Adriana Leiva
Nancy Lubbock
Christine Moody
Kelly Martin
Maureen Nolan-Wilde
Janelle Steffen
Randall Ziman
Rebecca Smith
Samantha Mitchell
Dianna Ramirez
Leslie Peart
Sandra Morello
Laurie Coggins