Sport Fish Consumption

Fish are nutritious and good for you to eat. But some fish you catch may take in toxic chemicals from the water they live in and the food they eat. Some of these chemicals build up in the fish — and in you — over time. Although the chemical levels are usually low, it is a good idea to follow a few precautions in consuming fish, particularly if you eat fish often. The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) issues consumption advisories and possession bans. These advisories are not intended to discourage you from eating fish entirely. Fish are nutritious and an excellent source of protein. The advisories should be followed to make your sport fish eating safer.

A consumption advisory issued by the DSHS may recommend limited or no consumption of fish or aquatic life from a body of water because tests found contaminants at unsafe levels. 

A possession ban prohibits the taking of fish or aquatic life from a body of water where tissue testing indicates the likelihood of a serious or imminent threat to public health.

The Texas Fish Consumption Advisory Viewer is an interactive map that allows users to identify current water body-specific health advisory information for fish from Texas waters. Learn more about eating your catch at Fish Consumption Bans and Advisories.

The short video below from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides information about how to clean and store your catch.