Other Resources

Hooked on Seafood: A Compilation of Texas’ Best (revised) — This collection of recipes covers a range of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, soups, entrees, and holiday and party foods. The basic ingredient for each recipe is a Texas seafood — crab, crawfish, fish, shrimp, oysters or squid. All the recipes have been tested, evaluated and retested with an eye toward making them more heart-healthy and nutritious. An added value is the introductory section on nutrition and on seafood safety, and the tips on how to buy, store and prepare various types of seafood. The author has conducted workshops and programs for professionals and consumers throughout the state on behalf of Texas seafood, and is known for her seafood recipe cards distributed by numerous seafood markets and grocery chains. This cookbook compiles many of those recipes into one easy-to-use format.

Seafood and You: Healthy Sustainable Choices — A presentation on seafood sustainability and nutrition by Dr. Michael Ciaramella of New York Sea Grant that details considerations for making sustainable choices and includes 2015 Dietary Guidelines.

Seafood at its Best — This curriculum created by the University of Idaho Extension Service consists of four lessons and includes powerpoint presentations, quizzes, handouts and activities. The target audience for this curriculum includes family and consumer sciences educators, nutritionists, dieticians, food service personnel and nutrition outreach professionals.