Aglantis Jr. Adopt-A-Tank Program

Aglantis Jr. is a Texas Sea Grant program that sponsors 29-gallon BioCube saltwater aquariums in local schools to help K-12 students learn about and gain appreciation for the Gulf of Mexico and the world’s oceans. In 2014 and 2015, Texas Sea Grant distributed 40 aquariums to public and private schools in Bryan and College Station. The aquariums are re-adopted as teachers leave the area, retire or no longer need the aquarium. Brazos Valley teachers interested in re-adopting an Aglantis Jr. for their school or classroom can contact Texas Sea Grant at to be added to the waiting list.

Each aquarium is equipped by Texas Sea Grant with the items listed below to generate student interest and curiosity about the oceans and aquatic life: 

  • 1 29-gallon BioCube aquarium
  • 1 29-gallon BioCube stand
  • 1 starfish
  • 2 urchins
  • 10 snails
  • 10 hermit crabs
  • 2 bags of 50-gallon Instant Ocean Sea Salt

  • 1 20-pound bag of aragonite pink live sand
  • 25 pounds of live rock
  • 1 hydrometer and thermometer

  • 1 multi-outlet timer
  • 1 container New Life Spectrum fish pellets
  • 4 filter cartridge 2-pack
  • 1 foam pad
  • 1 bottle of Tetra 6-in-1 testing strips (25)
  • 1 bottle of Tetra ammonia testing strips (25)
  • 1 BioCube magnetic algae cleaner

Texas Sea Grant staff assist with setting up each aquarium. A guide with information about maintaining a saltwater aquarium will also be provided; it is also available at Texas Sea Grant staff are also available to troubleshoot any challenges. Disposable items included in the initial set up are expected to be sufficient for routine maintenance during the first six months of the tank’s operation, and replacements of these items will be the responsibility of the school/teacher. 

Fish and other invertebrates can be added to the aquarium. Note: Consistent monitoring and maintenance are required to ensure the stable environment needed by saltwater animals, therefore plans will need to be made for regular tank maintenance over holidays and long breaks. Please keep this in mind before applying. Schools or teachers who no longer wish to maintain an aquarium should contact Texas Sea Grant at to arrange for its return so another school may adopt it.