Volunteering for NOSB

Thank you for donating your time and energy to ensure the success of either the Dolphin Challenge or the Loggerhead Challenge. The competition would not be possible without the efforts of its volunteers.
Volunteers are needed every year to fill a number of jobs, including being officials in the competition rooms and judging the responses to the Team Challenge questions. In addition to our appreciation, volunteers receive a Dolphin Challenge t-shirt and lunch on the day of the competition.

Loggerhead: Please contact contact Bill Balboa by email at bill.balboa@ag.tamu.edu or by phone at 979-245-4100.

Dolphin: Please contact Julie Massey by email at jmassey@ag.tamu.edu or by phone at 281-309-5063.

All volunteers, even those who have participated in the past, must attend a training session each year prior to the competition. Training sessions are scheduled in the months before the competition; a recording of an eOSB online training webinar is also available at http://www.nosb.org/nosb-eosb-training-webinar/. 
Please read the Competition Rules or the overview of the competition here. A short YouTube video of a staged buzzer round here can give you an idea of how the competition flows.

Please also review the instructions of any of the roles you think you might be interested in taking. It will be helpful if you know which role you would like to fill before attending the training session.

Roles of Officials
There are six officials needed in every competition room for each round:

Moderator: essentially in charge of the round; must be able to read aloud clearly and quickly and keep the competition running smoothly; those with a background in the marine sciences are preferred for pronunciation of scientific terms.
Rules Judge: must know all the Competition Rules; ensures quiet during the game and that the rules are consistently and correctly followed by everyone in the room. 
Science Judge: must have a technical background (generally a graduate degree) in marine sciences and be prepared to address challenges to content by participating students.
Timekeeper: must know the rules that apply, know how to work a stopwatch and digital clock, and stay focused on time, not the game.
Scorekeeper: must know the rules that apply and be able to do simple arithmetic (addition and subtraction) quickly and accurately.
Runner: must be able to move quickly between the competition room and the Judges’ Room or Ocean Bowl Central.