Scientific Papers Complete List

Texas Sea Grant-funded researchers have published their research findings in many prestigious peer-reviewed journals. They are listed alphabetically by title.

To request a reprint of an article on this list, please contact the National Sea Grant Library.

Carbon dioxide exchange in a high marsh on the Texas Gulf Coast: Effects of freshwater availability. 2004. TAMU-SG-12-844. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 125(1-2):159-172 : F.A. Heinsch, J.L. Heilman, K.J. McInnes, D.R. Cobos, D.A. Zuberer, D.L. Roelke

Causes of salt marsh erosion in Galveston Bay, Texas. 2009. TAMU-SG-12-8105. Journal of Coastal Research, 25(2):265-272 : T.M. Ravens, R.C. Thomas, K.A. Roberts, P.H. Santschi

Change in host preference with age in the ectoparasitic pyramidellid snail Boonea impressa. 1987. TAMU-SG-88-806. Journal of Molecular Studies (53): 285-286 : E. Powell, M. White, E. Wilson, S. Ray

Changes in isotopic composition of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus)larvae in response to dietary shifts: potential application to settlement studies. June 2000 . TAMU-SG-00-808. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (57): 137-147 : S. Herzka, G. Holt

Changes in LH and progesterone associated with the nesting cycle and ovulation in the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, Lepidochelys olivacea. 1982 . TAMU-SG-83-815. General and Comparative Endocrinology (48): 0247-0253 : P. Licht , D. Owens, K. Cliffton, C. Penaflores

Changes in seagrass species composition in northwestern Gulf of Mexico estuaries: Effects on associated seagrass fauna. 2014. TAMU-SG-14-806. PLoS ONE 9(9):e107751 : Brandon R. Ray, Matthew W. Johnson, Kirk Cammarata, Delbert L. Smee