Scientific Papers Complete List

Texas Sea Grant-funded researchers have published their research findings in many prestigious peer-reviewed journals. They are listed alphabetically by title.

To request a reprint of an article on this list, please contact the National Sea Grant Library.

“Riding the rip”: an experiential and integrated human-physical geography curriculum in Costa Rica. October 2015. TAMU-SG-15-824. Journal of Geography in Higher Education 39(4):1-16 : Christian Brannstrom, Chris Houser

The rip current hazard in Costa Rica. June 2015. TAMU-SG-15-822. Natural Hazards 77(2):753-768 : Isabel Arozarena, Chris Houser, Alejandro Gutiérrez Echeverria, Christian Brannstrom

Robust hurricane surge response functions. December 2012. TAMU-SG-12-902. Dissertation, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi : Ikpoto Enefiok Udoh

The role of bacteria in the uptake of Hexoses from seawater by post larval Penaeid Shrimp. November 1979. TAMU-SG-80-804. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology (64A): 41-48 : Lawrence , Castille

The role of hurricanes on the morphological evolution of a sediment-starved barrier island along the upper Texas coast: Follets Island. May 11-15, 2015. TAMU-SG-15-102. Coastal Sediments 2015 Conference, San Diego, Calif. : Craig Harter, Jens Figlus, Tim Dellapenna

The role of inflow magnitude and frequency on plankton communities from the Guadalupe Estuary, Texas, USA: Findings from microcosm experiments. 2008. TAMU-SG-12-842. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 80(1):67-73 : C.J. Miller, D.L. Roelke, S.E. Davis, H.P. Li, G. Gable