Scientific Papers Complete List

Texas Sea Grant-funded researchers have published their research findings in many prestigious peer-reviewed journals. They are listed alphabetically by title.

To request a reprint of an article on this list, please contact the National Sea Grant Library.

Ontogenetic shifts in diet and habitat of juvenile green sea turtles in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. November 2016. TAMU-SG-16-805. Marine Ecology Progress Series 559:217-229 : Lyndsey N. Howell, Kimberly J. Reich, Donna J. Shaver, André M. Landry Jr., Catherine C. Gorga

Ontogenic changes in isozyme patterns of Penaeus species. 1987. TAMU-SG-87-835. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology 86B(2) :253-258 : J. Lester, P. Cook

Optimizing provision of ecosystem services using modern portfolio theory. October 2017. TAMU-SG-17-807. Ecosystem Services 27:25-37 : Sergio Alvarez, Sherry L. Larkin, Andrew Ropicki

Organ indices and biochemical of ova from Penaeid shrimp maintained in captivity versus those captured in the wild. 1979 . TAMU-SG-82-811. Proc. World Maricul. Soc. (10): 453-463 : A. Lawrence , D. Ward, S. Missler , A. Brown , J. McVey, B. Middleditch

‘Our tables have suffered’: Quantifying consumer market activity of commercially valuable living resources in Chesapeake Bay, 1850-1950. 2013. TAMU-SG-13-903. Thesis, Undergraduate Research Scholar/Texas Sea Grant Scholar, Texas A&M University. : J.E. Carter, R.D. Walker

Ovarian development in the South American white shrimp, Penaeus vannamei. 1992. TAMU-SG-92-817. NOAA Technical Report NMFS (106): 27-33 : S. Rankin, J. Bradfield, L. Keeley