Scientific Papers Complete List

Texas Sea Grant-funded researchers have published their research findings in many prestigious peer-reviewed journals. They are listed alphabetically by title.

To request a reprint of an article on this list, please contact the National Sea Grant Library.

Effects of ammonia and nitrate on growth and survival of Red Drum eggs and larvae. 1983 . TAMU-SG-83-818. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. (112): 314-318 : G. Holt, C. Arnold

The effects of a red tide, Karenia brevis episode on the benthic macroinvertebrate communities of South Padre Island, Texas. November 2013. TAMU-SG-13-906. M.S. thesis, The University of Texas at Brownsville : Liana Lerma

Effects of diet and size on growth, deed digestibility enzyme activities of the marine shrimp, Penaeus setiferus Linnaeus. 1985. TAMU-SG-87-807. J. World Maricul. Soc. (16): 275-287 : P. Lee, A. Lawrence

Effects of dietary lipids on body composition and liver function in juvenile red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus. 1999. TAMU-SG-01-807. Fish Physiology and Biochemistry (21): 249-255 : S. Craig , B. Washburn , D. Gatlin III

Effects of dietary prebiotics on the growth, feed efficiency and non-specific immunity of juvenile red drum Sciaenops ocellatus fed soybean-based diets. 2010. TAMU-SG-12-802. Aquaculture Research, 41(3):411-418 : A.J. Buentello, W.H. Neill, D.M. Gatlin, III

Effects of dietary protein level and form on production characteristics and ammonia excretion of red drum Sciaenops ocellatus. 2003. TAMU-SG-03-802. Aquaculture, 225:17-26 : K.A. Webb, Jr., D.M. Gatlin, III