Scientific Papers Complete List

Texas Sea Grant-funded researchers have published their research findings in many prestigious peer-reviewed journals. They are listed alphabetically by title.

To request a reprint of an article on this list, please contact the National Sea Grant Library.

Acoustic vocalizations of dolphins and effects of anthropogenic noise. May 2014. TAMU-SG-14-909. Thesis, Undergraduate Research Scholar/Texas Sea Grant Scholar, Texas A&M University. Joclyn Bosquez

Alongshore correspondence of beach users and rip channels at Pensacola Beach, Florida. September 2015. TAMU-SG-15-823. Natural Hazards 78(3): 2175-2183. Chris Houser, Trey Murphy, Daniel Labude

Alternative larval diets and generational time for Gulf of Mexico blenny species. May 2016. TAMU-SG-16-901. Thesis, Undergraduate Research Scholar/Texas Sea Grant Scholar. Fred Shopnitz

Analysis of ammonium transporter and urease gene expression in Aureoumbra lagunensis. 2011. TAMU-SG-12-839M. Harmful Algae, 10(5):549-556. M. Agostoni, D.L. Erdner

An experimental assessment of genetic tagging and founder representation in hatchery-reared red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) used in stock enhancement. 2009. TAMU-SG-12-855. Journal of applied Ichthyology, 25(1):108-113. E. Saillant, M.A. Renshaw, D.M. Gatlin, III, W.H. Neill, R.R. Vega, J.R> Gold

An informal program changes science perceptions. 2011. TAMU-SG-12-890. Academic Exchange Quarterly 15(1). S. Bargmann, C.A. McCollough