Plastics a problem on Brazoria County coast

September 05, 2019

"Brazoria County beaches are home to many things, but trash and litter continue to pile up on the shore and threaten wildlife despite local officials many efforts to clean up and educate residents. But not all trash is the fault of beachgoers.

According to multiple local experts, plastic tends to be the worst contributor to littered beaches.

Mike Mullenweg, Lead Interpretive Ranger of the Brazoria County Parks Department, said plastic is such a problem because it never really goes away and impacts all forms of wildlife.

“A large number of animals are affected by plastic, especially in the ocean,” Mullenweg said.

Being so close to the ocean, it is important to keep in mind that trash tends to find its way into waterways, making them receptacles for discarded plastic, Brazoria County Parks Director Bryan Frazier said.

Problematic plastic can come in the form of balloons, plastic bottles and fishing line. Animals tend to eat plastic litter because of curiosity and the way the colors and shapes tend to mimic their dietary preferences, according to Quintana Beach County Park Manager Patty Brinkmeyer." Continue reading