Nature’s Heros

May 09, 2019

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"In late 2013, a bitter cold front blew in to South Texas and dropped temperatures so quickly that endangered sea turtles off South Padre Island didn’t have time to swim to deeper, warmer waters.

The cold snap put many of them in a comatose state, increasing their likelihood of drowning.

Fortunately, locally trained Texas Master Naturalists came to the rescue, wading into chilly waters to retrieve the stressed creatures. The volunteers gradually warmed up the sea turtles in indoor pools and eventually released them into deep waters.

This winter, strong north winds blowing across concrete road barriers forced hundreds of brown pelicans out of the air and crashing onto the pavement of State Highway 48, between Port Isabel and Brownsville.

Texas Master Naturalists, who volunteered as concerned citizens, and others risked their lives by dodging speeding traffic, day and night, to rescue the downed birds. Many pelicans were hit and killed by speeding cars, but brave volunteers have saved several hundred birds thus far"...keep reading.