Local man contracts Vibrio, nearly loses life

June 18, 2019

"As temperatures heat up, the beaches are a favorite place to cool off. But there can be a danger many forget about around this time of the year.

One local man is fighting for his life in the hospital after he came down with a flesh-eating bacteria. He said he contracted it in the waters along Shoreline near Waters Edge Park.

Corpus Christi resident Adam Perez says he was putting his feet into the sand and the water, and he ended up in the hospital. His doctors told him he had contracted Vibrio.

“I was just moving my toes in the sand and stuff. I didn’t get inside the water all the way,” Perez.

Four surgeries later, Perez is looking at a lengthy recovery after he believes he contracted a flesh-eating bacteria.

“Without those four surgeries, they told me I would have lost my leg, or lost my life,” Perez said.

Scientists at the Harte Research Institute said while the threat of vibrio is more prevalent in the heat of the summer.

The bacteria is most likely to affect people with suppressed immune systems or open wounds seriously. The consequences and symptoms can be severe.

Dr. Michael Wetz, with the Harte Research Institute, said, “Anything from skin infections to amputations, the vibrio, when you get it, it can spread rapidly in a matter of hours.”" ....keep reading.