Flesh Eating Bacteria at SPI More Common in Summer Time

August 05, 2019

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"SOUTH PADRE ISLAND - As summer continues, the gulf waters begin to warm up, which means the risk of coming into contact with bacteria in water is larger.

Vibrio is a bacteria most commonly found in the water and uncooked seafood.

The bacteria can't be tested because it's naturally occurring, but that doesn't mean the water isn't safe.

South Padre Island visitor, Joe Bogar, says he always makes sure his kids don't have any open wounds before getting in the water.

"We check all the kids to make sure they're safe, make sure that they don't have any scratches or anything like that," he says.

Cameron County Extension Agent for Coastal and Marine Resources, Tony Reisinger says one of the bacteria in the water year round is vibrio."...continue reading.