Research Priorities Survey

Every two years, Texas Sea Grant awards almost $1 million in research grants through a rigorous, peer-review process. Projects are chosen for their alignment with Texas Sea Grant’s strategic plan goals and objectives, and all are expected to include public engagement to ensure that the results of innovative research are put to practical use. Examples of public engagement include outreach and education to industry, K-12 students and teachers, local government officials and state agencies, and the general public. 

The research priorities for our next Request for Proposals (RFP) will be determined from the results of this survey so they may best address the state’s current and future needs. This survey will be open through the end of October 2018. We encourage you to share this survey broadly.

The RFP will be available Fall/Winter of 2018. Research projects selected will be funded from February 1, 2020-January 31, 2022.