Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture (SFA)

The overall economic impact of the commercial, recreational, for-hire fisheries and aquaculture industries in the United States is more than $276 billion. The commercial fishing industry supports about 1 million full- and part-time jobs and generates $116 billion. The recreational and for-hire fishing industries generate significant tourism revenue with $73 billion in total economic impact for saltwater fishing and an additional $6 billion annually for Great Lakes recreational and for-hire fisheries. The U.S. aquaculture industry generates an economic impact of $1 billion, provides additional opportunities for job creation, and contributes to meeting the nation’s demand for finfish and shellfish.

Texas Sea Grant will maintain its leadership role in working with the seafood industry to ensure a safe and sustainable supply of seafood products now and for future generations. Seafood safety will continue to be an ongoing concern for consumers as foreign imports, some of which are associated with seafood contamination, continue to increase. Texas Sea Grant’s partnership with NOAA Fisheries, state agencies, seafood processors, fishing associations and consumer groups will ensure safe, secure and sustainable supplies of domestic seafood and decrease our reliance on seafood imports.